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Countdown started

Dear friends, finally we had our skilled migrant visa and started getting ready to leave for Mandurah. Mandurah is a small town which is one hour drive to Perth,the biggest city of Western Australia. Before sending lock, stock and barrel down under, I want to learn as much as possible about there. The entries I read in the link ( were encouraging naturewise however I am a bit worried that the city has only 70,000 population and it might be a little hassle to find a proper job in such a small town. 13 th of August is probably the date we will be flying to Perth. We made some friends there and we will be dependent on their guidance for a while until we get to know around. It is not easy to change nearly everything about your life but we just hope that it will worth. This is my last week with my family, I don’t think I will be able to see them before this time next year. I am just hoping to see them without much change. I wish I can find the people in the places where I left them. You know what I mean. I would like to thank my precious friends: Maria Sonia, Maria Elena, Joel, Mark, Victoria, Gulcan and Nihan for their friendship and encouragement, they inspired me for the quest of a more meaningful life. I hope things go smoothly and this experience enriches our lives. May God be with us all along the way.

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  • Maria Sônia   /   July 23, 2012., 5:11 PM

    Dear Vesile, I am delighted to hear your news; thank you for your appreciation of my friendship. I wish you all the best on your move to Australia and hope we keep in touch and eventually meet in Istambul when you come back to visit your relatives, because I still wish to visit Turkey but am not at all sure about ever going to Austrália. I think you'll enjoy living in a small village; actually, it is my husband's dream to move into a small town when he retires, he keeps saying so... God bless you! With love, Sonia

  • Vesile   /   July 24, 2012., 9:31 AM

    Dear Maria, You are always a very dear friend to me, it will be my pleasure to be able to see you one more time. Once we get to Mandurah I will write more on the web site, so if you like the area I will be waiting for you down under:)