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Magic potions

Are you tired of using the same activities every year? Are you brave enough to drink from our magic potion? Have a sip and nothing will be the same again. BRAIN BOOSTER juice is just for you. After reading Freckle Juice, we practiced writing ingredients and recipes. Then we designed bottles for our own magic potions and advertised them in class. Finally, we made spell books with own magic spells. But this activity can be used to practice reading and writing recipes, to practice using countable and uncountable nouns and quantifiers and to familiarize students with the labels, slogans, and advertising language, too. Here are some of the ideas of the students:

DLMJ – Dance Like Michael Jackson Juice

Fly like a kite potion – Have you ever seen Istanbul from a bird’s eye?

Sing talk potion – You will never stop singing!

Dream juice – Drink and all your dreams will come true!

Talk angrily/happily/silently/backwards potion – You don’t need to change your voice it will automatically happen after you drink it.

Blue berry juice- Do you want to be a blueberry?

They loved this activity and we had fun, too:) The best part was when they did their potion’s commercial.



  • Joel   /   February 27, 2012., 12:01 PM

    Wow! Those potions look super! What clever teachers! :D