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So, to start with our Australia adventure, i need to explain what we did at the beginning. First I searched for suitable master courses. My aim was to study PhD but representatives of Australian universities who I met and discussed told me that normally it is a long and detailed process to find a suitable supervisor and most people start a masters degree and make contacts there to pursue their studies further. I applied to University of Western Australia for the Education and Applied Linguistics majors but then I ended up with this letter and later found out that there has been a problem with the payment of application fee and actually they couldn’t withdraw the money and I thunk that may be the reason of rejection. My education consultant was planning to move to another city and he didn’t tell us about it at the beginning. This caused lots of problems later on. He gave us some brief information about the cities and application process. I started to gather documents for application. I had to visit all of the schools that I worked for and 2 universities that I studied and asked them for a reference letter. Some instructors and principles had already retired, some had gone to work other schools so getting these documents was very painful. Finally the reference letters were ready and I had to write an expression of interest letter for the schools that I was applying to… To be continued…

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