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kızadamTurkish people says “Stop!” to current prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government’s policies. Turkey is a secular republic country which was founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 90 years ago. In the last 11 years Erdogan’s ild islamic government, AKP made many regulations on the way that society live, those changes now came to a point that citizen’s PERSONAL RIGHTS and FREEDOM OF SPEECH is being restricted. The media, the legal authorities and all important and critical positions in the country has been taken over sometimes silently sometimes overtly by AKP partisans. Turkish people is surprised to see how little is left from Ataturk’s civilized vision.
Turkish people give full support to a civil movement initiated by a handful peaceful people at Taksim Gezi Parkı, where the government decided to demolish a recreational area in order to build a shopping mall. Now the reaction spreads and increases in a way that it is no more a “save the green” protest but an outburst of a scream that people were holding back for 10 years against Tayyip Erdogan’s dictatorship. Erdogan always defends his policies by saying half of the people supported him at the election but it is a fact that he doesn’t respect and listen to the other half of the country and even his supported at the elections are against what is going on now. they say we weren’t expecting him to go such further. His speech tends to drive the country into separation, hatred and trouble. At the moment horrible things are going on in Turkey. Thousands of people want to use their right of speech by walking on the streets, showing their reaction however Turkish police uses EXCESSIVE FORCE against Turkish citizens using tear gases, water cannons and event orange gases! The people in the streets are families, young girls, old people, students, workers, children, grannies… Everyone is out of the balconies, banging the pots and pans. Turkish citizens are without masks, weapons, and protective clothes, they are there just by themselves. Turkish police reacts according to the orders in order to avoid people come together. In 65 city of Turkey, police now uses excessive force against innocent people. Police beats people very badly, thousands of people are injured and they are taken under custody. The cell phones of those who are taken under custody are seized.The police make the protesters sign a form on which it declares that they are given their phones back in order to release them. Police also make them to sign a paper declaring they are member of some (terrorist) groups. People are obliged to sign these forms because their life is threaten. AKP government uses blacklisting method to keep a record of anti-AKP citizens and probably the cell-phones will give them lots of data. Police is in ambush at the hospital emergency services, sends the injured people to headquarter first. Media doesn’t show anything and officials buried their heads under the ground. Turkey needs the support of world media to voice what is going on.
I am a Turkish citizen living in Western Australia Perth, I ask for your help and support raising awareness of the people against fascism.