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Hi all,

Leaving the country soon and must decide whether to sell or transport these  excellent-condition house appliances. You can find everything you need for a house. So it is your chance to strike a great bargain. Some of the things for sale are:

Microwave oven, Normal Oven, Cooking Utensils, Fruit and Vegetable juicer, Turkish coffe maker machine, Bread making machine, Mixer,a very hand and decorative kitchen cupboard,and all of other kinds of kitchen stuff…

Dining table, chairs, sofa, armchairs, curtains, carpets, wardrobes, etc. anything you can think of…

All stuff must go!

They are all very well-maintained and clean, in a good condition. Come and see before you buy anything from a spotçu because they really make you pay a lot.

Please contact for a visit or for any details:

Bütün ev eşyamızı satıyoruz. Yurt dışına gittiğimiz için bir evin ihtiyacı olabilecek ne varsa SATILIK! Spotçulara gitmeden önce gelin, bakın. Hepsi temiz, çok iyi durumda. Bu şansı kaçırmayın.