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Do good find good!

Today I filled the car trunk with 6 bags of small clothes, shoes and coats of my daughters. I just wanted to donate them to Nahil, the second hand shop of foundation to support women work. Since I cannot carry heavy things after the operation, I parked the car on the side of the street which was next to the shop. I wasn’t blocking the traffic in dact there was hardly any traffic on that street at that time of the day. I and my sister quickly took the bags out of the car and took them to the shop. We emptied the bags and wanted to go out. The lady there wanted to give us a receipt. I said it is ok, I don’t need but she insisted. When we get out of the shop we saw the police was towing my car. My car was hanging in the air. They didn’t put the car on the tow yet. We ran there and explained the situation. Of course they didn’t care. He said I need to pay the fine. I said I didn’t have any money with me right now and he said something, too. He was in the huge tow and I was next to it trying to raise myself on my toes and to hear what he was saying. Finally they left. I think I need to pay the fine as soon as possible. Maybe I blame the wrong parties but I think I am not going to donate anything again. Do good find good sounds rubbish at the moment. I am so happy that I am leaving because they don’t make enough parking places and we have to get into the narrow, dangerous, dark so called car parks under the crummy buildings and if we don’t we are fined! Fine, I am out!