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Evil eye

In some cultures expecially in Middle East and Mediterrannean regions people believe that sometimes you can be victim of an evil eye. Evil eye is a kind of envious or ill-wishing look which causes injury or it can bring you bad-luck. That’s why in Turkey most of the people, especially women wear “nazar boncuğu”- charms. Even though it is a widespead belief in my hometown I don’t believe an evil eye. Actually I should say I didn’t use to believe. But since I started writing things about my family a number of unfortunate things started to happen to our family. First I had a hernia problem and had to have an operation, second the result of some other tests appeared suspicious and I had to get a scan. I had terrible time waiting for the results. Then my husband and I got ourselves burnt by a hot teapot of water. Then my daughters became ill one after another. Now I got the same virus and meanwhile my husband had a pain in his back and we have just found out that he has to be on medicine from now on. All of these things happened in a months time.

When I tell people about them the first thing they say that I am the victim of an evil eye. Maybe an evil eye maybe just coincidence but nowadays we are passing through a period of hard days. In Turkey we have a saying: “Allah beterinden saklasın” May God protect you from the worse. I hope he does.

I am always optimistic no matter what happens. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. We have got very nice days waiting for us. Tomorrow everything is going to be perfect. I am grateful to be alive. I love Polyanna:)

By the way if you want to learn more about evil eye, write me! I have got scientific (!) resource on evil eye and I can share it with you after I translate;)