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On Monday I decided to visit my doctor for the treatment of the varicose veins in my right leg. I was just planning to talk about the cure. My doctor suggested a small operation called RPS. I laid on the bed and he cut the back of my knee for 2 cm. and injected something into the vein to block it. It was ok. As soon as I stood up I had visual disturbances. I went out because I had to walk for one hour. People’s faces, ads, colors,everything was mixed. I couldn’t read any piece of writing or I couldn’t recognize any of the faces. After one hour my vision was better but then I started to have a headache. Luckily I met with my sister after my walk and we headed for home together. As I was driving I tried to talk to my sister. The words that I pronounced weren’t the ones that I wanted to say. My sister was talking but what she was saying wasn’t making any sense either. I recognized the words alone but couldn’t bring them together to understand the overall meaning. It was so weird. I and my sister started to feel scared. The suffixes that I used , my pronunciation and order of the words that I was using got mixed. Suddenly my right arm and right side of my face tingled. I immediately pulled over. We called my husband and he took me to the nearest hospital.I was shivering there without a reason. There,the doctors asked for a brain scan. It was clean and the doctor said it can be a kind of migraine attack which was triggered by stress or fear. I cannot say I was under pressure during the sclerotheraphy but still something happened. I am not going to forget that moment. My brain was out of control, it was scary! My mouth spoke but I didn’t mean it. I was puzzled listening what I was saying. Later I talked to my mum and I found out that she also had the same type of migraine attacks and she shared her experiences with me. 20120411-182943.jpgShe was angry because we didn’t tell her about it in the first place. In short it was so scary. I wish I never find myself inside it again.