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I applied for a student visa to Australian Embassy on 11th of May. On 16th of May, the visa officer called us and asked us to take an appointment for health check from American Hospital. By that time we had already booked an appointment from the hospital because we had heard that the check-up devision was very busy and it was difficult to have appointment before 15 days. So on 26th May in the morning, we went to the hospital, had chest x-ray and unerwent other tests. On 3rd of June, they called me back from the hospital for another x-ray because the first one wasn’t very clear. The next day I went to the hospital for the second time. Thanks to the recent developments, now medicals are sent to embassy online and this saves a lot of time. Unfortunately, maybe due to my being doubting thomas or very excited, things tend to go very slowly and sometimes wrong with my file. Yesterday the officer from the consulate told us that they are still waiting for the medicals to be approved from Canberra!!! I wasn’t expecting to hear these. My agency told me that two years ago there was also another student, whose file was also sent to Canberra to be decided upon; it took extra 10 days to get the results for her. If the student visa was our only concern I wouldn’t mind this delay that much but we need to do other things after getting our student visa. Yesterday my husband wrote his resignation. I already told my school that I am not going to be here next year. We found tenants for our house. We sold most of our stuff… But still we haven’t got our visas. I know people can go through more difficult times but sometimes I think waiting is not for me. I am like the boy in the picture, then I think what faith is and believe that God may have another plan about me. Just wait and see…

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