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Community Craft Library

Covid gunlerinde herkes gibi eve tıkılıp kalan Defne butun zamanini el işi yaparak geçiriyor. Son günlerde aklıma gelen harika bir fikir bizi de cok heyecanlandirdi ve bir Elisi Kutuphanesi açmaya karar verdik. Gunlerce ugrasip bir liste hazirladi, her elisi kutusunun içinde neler olacağına karar verdi ve sistemi kafasinda oturttu. Simdi tek yapmamiz gereken CORWDFUNDING kampanyamizi kulaktan kulaga yaymak ve beklemek. bize yardimci olursaniz cok seviniriz. Simdiden tesekkurler:) Defne’nin notlarini da asagiya ekliyorum. Bakalim ne dusunyorsunuz:)


Did you know that crafting improves your mental health? (https://www.healthline.com/health/diy-depression-therapy-how-the-arts-can-heal#3)

During Covid times, I feel like everybody is very stressed and I have an idea that can help the people in my community relax their mind by crafting. Think of it as a craft kit shop but everything is FREE!

WHO: My name is Defne and I am a 6th grader at Wisconsin Hills Middle School in Brookfield Wisconsin. I am born in Turkey but I lived most of my life in Australia before we moved to Wisconsin in 2017. I play the violin and I love cooking but my true passion is crafting. I am crazy about creating and I constantly work to explore new techniques and design ideas to use in all kinds of projects.

WHAT: I would like to start a Community Craft Library in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It is just like a library but instead of books, we will use tubs full of great crafts that will both educate you, help you learn new skills and maybe discover what you want to be when you grow up!

WHY: It is not possible for a person to try out many different kinds of crafts without buying the necessary materials needed. However, it can be really expensive if you start buying each kit that you want to try. Also, most of the time, when initial excitement is over, those kits lay around somewhere in the house and nobody uses them again. Therefore, in my Community Craft Library, people will pay only a small yearly membership fee ($20) and will have access to over 25 types of crafts that they can try and learn at home. I feel like all my friends will love it. It will be a great opportunity to express their inner passion for crafting. This will be a way my friends will spend some quality time with their families away from screens. This will bring families together! My friends will use their hands to create, make and design.  They can even use these crafts to make and sell stuff so they can earn their own pocket money!

HOW: Members of the Community Craft Library will borrow a craft bin from the library and return them after 2 weeks. Most of the materials are going to be reusable, we will only replenish the consumable ones with the membership money and donations. I am planning to organize crafts in bins with the necessary supplies needed for each craft. In addition to the crafting items, in each bin, there will also be

A booklet titled with the name of the craft for that bin:

Page 1:

Welcome letter, a list of the items in the box, what the users will need as extra (a cup of water, etc)

Page 2:

Instructions/tutorial on how to do the craft, pictures of the final product, safety warnings

Page 3:

A list of internet links / extra ideas / variations to the craft if the users want to do extension activities

Page 4 -10:

Blank evaluation pages for the users to write their experience and feedback and reviews  

A donation bag for any kind of spare crafting item in the member’s home : so we can all reduce , reuse or recycle!

WHERE: Once the craft bins are ready, we are going to keep them in our house in the basement. When members want to borrow them, they can come to our house or we can drop the boxes at their houses. I will also start an after-school CRAFT CLUB at Wisconsin Hills Middle School and use the boxes for the club activities.

MY TEAM: My mom is a teacher and an artist! She knows a lot about STEM / STEAM. So I will use her help to choose the best activities. My dad is an IT guy, and he is good at money and planning so I will use his skills with developing my business. My sister will help me to replenish the boxes and keeping them clean and organized. Finally my 3 BFFs (Keira, Hazel and Kaylee) will help me to run Community Craft Library and keep this dream alive and working!


Buy  the supplies

Organize the bins

Decide age limits for activities

Create a Facebook and Instagram Page

Advertise and get the word out!


  1. Make your own gravity-powered walking toy ($40)
  2. An Ancient Art: Paper Marbling ($100)
  3. Sew a Mask: Fabric, Elastic, Thread, Needles, Sewing Machine ($100)
  4. Let’s Carve a Spoon: ($90)
  5. Pom pomshooters ($20)
  6. Learn how to make a bar of soap! ($130)
  7. Slime Making  ($50)
  8. Wood Burning ($40)
  9. DIY Candles ($80)
  10. DIY Robot Hand ($15)
  11. Bath Bomb Science ( $150)
  12. Ready- Set- Go!!! Build a homemade go-cart ($400)
  13. Polymer Clay Sculpting ($50)
  14. Snap Circuits ( $50 )
  15. Bristle Bot  ($25)
  16. My first Cardboard Automata($50)
  17. 3-D pen ($80)
  18. Eraser making set ($50)
  19. Hover CD Science ($15)
  20. Balloon Powered Car ($20)
  21. Learn Macramé ($25)
  22. Can you arm knit? ($50)
  23. Embroidery is fun! ($30)
  24. Hair Styling ($40)
  25.  Doll customizing ($60)
  26. Hydraulic Elevator ($25)
  27. Crochet($20)
  28. Quilting ($20)
  29. Needle felting ($30)
  30. Tie-Dye Craze (35)

The average cost of preparing those kits is around $1885. I also need some funds to buy the bins. All I need to make my dream a reality is $2000.

Can you help me?

Thank you!

Defne Yilmaz


kızadamTurkish people says “Stop!” to current prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government’s policies. Turkey is a secular republic country which was founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 90 years ago. In the last 11 years Erdogan’s ild islamic government, AKP made many regulations on the way that society live, those changes now came to a point that citizen’s PERSONAL RIGHTS and FREEDOM OF SPEECH is being restricted. The media, the legal authorities and all important and critical positions in the country has been taken over sometimes silently sometimes overtly by AKP partisans. Turkish people is surprised to see how little is left from Ataturk’s civilized vision.
Turkish people give full support to a civil movement initiated by a handful peaceful people at Taksim Gezi Parkı, where the government decided to demolish a recreational area in order to build a shopping mall. Now the reaction spreads and increases in a way that it is no more a “save the green” protest but an outburst of a scream that people were holding back for 10 years against Tayyip Erdogan’s dictatorship. Erdogan always defends his policies by saying half of the people supported him at the election but it is a fact that he doesn’t respect and listen to the other half of the country and even his supported at the elections are against what is going on now. they say we weren’t expecting him to go such further. His speech tends to drive the country into separation, hatred and trouble. At the moment horrible things are going on in Turkey. Thousands of people want to use their right of speech by walking on the streets, showing their reaction however Turkish police uses EXCESSIVE FORCE against Turkish citizens using tear gases, water cannons and event orange gases! The people in the streets are families, young girls, old people, students, workers, children, grannies… Everyone is out of the balconies, banging the pots and pans. Turkish citizens are without masks, weapons, and protective clothes, they are there just by themselves. Turkish police reacts according to the orders in order to avoid people come together. In 65 city of Turkey, police now uses excessive force against innocent people. Police beats people very badly, thousands of people are injured and they are taken under custody. The cell phones of those who are taken under custody are seized.The police make the protesters sign a form on which it declares that they are given their phones back in order to release them. Police also make them to sign a paper declaring they are member of some (terrorist) groups. People are obliged to sign these forms because their life is threaten. AKP government uses blacklisting method to keep a record of anti-AKP citizens and probably the cell-phones will give them lots of data. Police is in ambush at the hospital emergency services, sends the injured people to headquarter first. Media doesn’t show anything and officials buried their heads under the ground. Turkey needs the support of world media to voice what is going on.
I am a Turkish citizen living in Western Australia Perth, I ask for your help and support raising awareness of the people against fascism.